Samsung 50″ Class TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV (2020)


Key Features;

  • Crystal Processor 4K
  • Smart TV Powered by Tizen™
  • HDR Technology
  • Crystal clear colors
  • Boundless design
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Out of the Box

I always appreciate a television that ships with the need for minimal setup, and the TU8000 delivers in that regard. With only the remote, its batteries, two feet, two cable management clasps, and a power cable, this Samsung was gratefully easy to get out of the box and put together. No screwdriver required, the feet just slip into position and hold in place. Those feet are plastic and don’t have the nicest feel to them, but they look fine from a distance and definitely get the job done. Once up and on your media stand, the TV feels secure and stable.

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I am less than enthused about those aforementioned cable management claps, though. They are light plastic clips that sit on the backs of the TV’s feet and don’t feel particularly sturdy and are also pretty unattractive, which is a bummer considering how good the rest of this TV looks from the front. You can hide the cable and clasps pretty well, but it’s certainly not perfect and I was left wishing for a better solution here. There are also some grooves in the back of the television that can be used to tuck the cable into, but it doesn’t stay particularly well and the power cable is pretty short too, which additionally limits your options here.

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The voice remote that ships with the TU8000 is just like other modern Samsung remotes, with a slim and curved profile that houses only absolutely necessary buttons. I appreciate how small it is while still giving me all I need to enjoy content. It’s a voice remote that works with apps like YouTube when you are in a search bar, and also functions as a smart Assistant with Google Assistant, Bixby, or Amazon Alexa (whichever you choose at setup).

Features and Design

It’s not a top-of-the-line Samsung and is most definitely a plastic-y build, but the TU8000 for the most part manages to pull off the look of one. The rear of the television isn’t particularly impressive, with a full rounded plastic back that doesn’t scream “high end,” but luckily you will rarely be looking there. From the front, the TV’s slim left, right, and top bezel design is clean and attractive. The base is a bit thicker but is lined with a silver plastic that blends in nicely and, at least from a distance, looks expensive.

From the front, the TV’s slim left, right, and top bezel design is clean and attractive.

Like other Samsung televisions, the TU8000 is powered by the Tizen smart TV system. Setup was easy and pleasant, made extremely fast by the connection with the Samsung SmartThings app. Though you don’t need the app, it will dramatically speed up setup times thanks to giving you access to a full keyboard (instead of having to punch in your email and Wi-Fi password one letter at a time with the remote).


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