Lg Wing


Key Features:

  • Swivel Mode – Dual Screen Capable
  • Swivel Home – Control and Customize
  • (Main Screen) 6.8″ FullVision OLED Display
  • (Second Screen) 3.9″ OLED Secondary Display
  • 12MP Ultra-Wide Angle Rear Camera with Gimbal Mode
  • 5G Connectivity – Life in 5G

The LG WING™ 5G breaks the mold of what a smartphone can be and defies expectations at every turn. As LG’s first device with two active displays, the innovative form-factor enhances everything from multi-tasking to content creation to streaming. The second OLED display is there when you need it—then swings easily away when you don’t. Plus, this device packs high-performing features like built-in 5G connectivity, triple rear cameras, and revolutionary video recording with gimbal-like control. Excel endlessly with the LG WING 5G, experiencing unprecedented levels of creativity, productivity, and entertainment.