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Sony MHC-V71D High Power Party Speaker

KShs 49,999.00
Key features:
  • Experience LIVE SOUND
  • Angled speakers
  • Spread sound generator
  • Taiko Game mode
  • 360° Party Light
  • Be the DJ with Gesture Control

Sony MHC-V43D

KShs 48,990.00
Key features:
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: MHC-V43D
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor
  • Connector Type: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Special Feature: NFC Enabled
  • Color: Black

Sony MHC-V73D

KShs 78,999.00
Key features:

TAIKO Game Mode

  • Party Light via Fiestable
  • Splashproof control panel
  • Unleash Your Inner Pop Star
  • Bluetooth Streaming With LDAC
  • Tilt and roll for easy transport
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
  • Run everything from the dancefloor
  • NFC One-touch For Instant Connectivity
  • Watch Movies With a Built-in DVD Player

Sony MHC-V83D

KShs 95,999.00
Key features:
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: MHC-V83D
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor
  • Connector Type: Wireless, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Special Feature: NFC Enabled
  • Color: Black

Sony MHC-V02 High Power Audio System with BLUETOOTH® Technology

KShs 26,999.00
Key features:
  • Long distance bass sound with JET BASS BOOSTER
  • Voice control via Fiestable / Party Light via Fiestable
  • Handle for safe lifting and easy portability
  • Karaoke Input to unlease your inner pop star
  • One touch wireless listening with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Music center app compatibility

Sony V81D High Power Party Speaker with BLUETOOTH® Technology

KShs 59,999.00
Key Features;
  • 360° LIVE SOUND
  • 360° Party Light
  • TAIKO mode and TAIKO Game mode
  • Integrated DVD player with HDMI out
  • Gesture control and motion control via smartphone makes managing music easy

Sony MHC-M80D High Power Audio System with DVD

KShs 58,999.00
Key features:
  • Bluetooth streaming with LDAC
  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
  • Boost the party with extra speakers
  • Comes with Party Lights
  • Built-in DVD player

LG CK57 XBOOM 1100W Hi-Fi Entertainment System

KShs 49,000.00
Key Features:
    • 1100 Watts
    • Multi Color Party Lighting
    • Karaoke Star
    • Vocal Effects
    • Wireless Party Link
    • TV Sound Sync

LG CM5760 1100W Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth® Connectivity

KShs 37,999.00

LG CM5760 1100W Hi-Fi Systems with Bluetooth® Connectivity:Price & Specifications in kenya

  • Dual USB • Wireless Party Link • Auto DJ • Karaoke Star • LG Bluetooth App • Multi Jukebox • TV Sound Sync • Auto Music Play • Bluetooth Stand-By