Samsung MX-T50 Sound Tower High Power Audio 500W


Key Features;

  • Bi-directional Sound
  • Dynamic Bass
  • LED Party Lights
  • Karaoke Mode
  • Group Play
  • Giga Party Audio App
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Pump up the sound

Get the room jumping with 500 watts of power. Pump up the music and keep the good vibes flowing.

Pump up the sound

MX-T50 Key Features

Fill the room with music

Bi-directional Sound

Uniquely designed bi-directional speakers fill any space with 500 watts of high power audio.

Bring the bass

Dynamic Bass

Boost the bass with the touch of a button

Lights. Music. Mood Set.

LED Party Lights

Create the right setting for any mood with various light modes including Party, Ambient, and Dance.

Sing your heart out

Karaoke Mode

Sing your favorite songs with Karaoke Mode and a single mic input.*

Be the DJ

Sound Tower App

Set the right vibe! Download the app to adjust the built-in LED lighting, sound effects, and even your EQ settings—right from your Android or iOS device.*

Sync devices & synchronize sound

Group Play

Fill the entire room by connecting multiple Samsung Sound Tower devices for a more immersive sound experience.*