Ulefone S1


Key Features;

  • 5.5″ screen display
  • Android 8.1 Oreo operating system
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • Triple 8mp +5mp +5mp camera
  • 2mp selfie camera
  • 3000 mAh battery capacity
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Un-boxing the smartphone:


There is always a different excitement when you get a new phone. The excitement doubles when you have a smartphone with unlimited features in your hands. The new Ulefone S1 comes in a black box. When you unbox the phone, the black box is provided with a small logo of the company (Ulefone). The box does not contain any other important thing on it. The only thing you get on the side of the box is the sticker which comes with the simple information on it. The information is only about the features and the specifications of the phone. Along with it, you can see the color of the model.

Ulefone S1

When you open the box, you have a clear view of the smartwatch that is covered in the foam. The screen of the watch has a protective film or a wrap just like a dial interface. Another thing you get in the box is the booklet which contains all the information of the model starting from how to use it and other features. The booklet comes in various languages like English, German, Chinese, Japanese and many more which are useful all over the world to understand the features of the phone.




To start with the design sector, we begin with the shape of the smartphone. The form of the smartphone is the same as the other smartphones in the market with small changes in rectangular design. The smartphone is in a rectangular shape with the trimmed corners. The screen of the Ulefone S1 comes with the regular screen with a capacitive screen. The display and the resolution of the screen are 480*960. This resolution of the phone is quite enough as compared to another phone. As this resolution provides you with an ultra clear view of the screen with a massive number of pixels.

Ulefone S1

The large screen of the phone provides the users with a bright and better quality of view of the screen. As per the latest technology and the coming smartphones, the size of the watch is suitable for a person to use. The high definition picture provides you a better look than other smartphones at this price.Buy theUlefone S1 Best Price Online from CELLULAR KENYA,Nairobi


The rectangular shape of the watch is the thing which catches the eyes of everyone; this shape makes it one of the most stylish phones at the first look.

Ulefone S1

The design of the gadget is the thing that brings the attention of customers which makes it one of the stylish watches at the first look. Along with the elegant look, Ulefone S1 Smartphone also looks like a mini tablet, which can be used in the office or the time of the meetings. The overall look for this gadget is simple with an elegant look.




This new Ulefone S1 comes with a lot of different features as compared to the other smartphones on the market.  As there is a small difference made by the company (Ulefone), but this small difference makes the large effect on the market of smartphones. The new Ulefone S1 is made up of the metal, and the screen of this smartphone comes with a covered glass which protects your screen from small falls or scratches.

Ulefone S1

The display of the smartphones covers around 75% of the screen. Just like other phones on the market which provides about the full view of the screen, Ulefone also tries to match the same quality. Along with all this, the new smartphones gives you the ability to use the phone with four fingers at a time. At the same time, four fingers work simultaneously on the screen and provide the commands to the processor at the same time.