Ulanzi MT-11 Multifunctional Octopus Tripod


Key Features

  • 1/4 Universal Extension Port.
  • Multifunctional Phone clip2-in-1 Clip Design
  • Cold Shoe on top of Clip
  • Removable 360° Adjustment Ballhead
  • High Flexibility Rubber
  • High Strength Aluminum Core

Foldable Outdoor Octopus Tripod for DSLR Cameras Smartphone for Magic Arm with 1/4 Screw Detachable Ballhead Hot Shoe Phone Clip 2 in 1 phone clip design, integrated hidden phone clip, universal phone clip after expansion, camera can be installed after folding The mobile phone clip has a cold shoe port, which can be used for external microphones and fill lights, and a 1/4 universal expansion port is reserved on the side for external devices through magic hands. Material high elastic glue, high strength aluminum core, tough and durable, it is not easy to break after repeated bending Gimbal adjustment, 360 ° all-round adjustment, can be horizontal, vertical, upward, downward.

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