Garmin vívofit® 4


Key Features;

  • Features always-on customizable color display and 1+ year battery life¹; no charging necessary
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalized daily step goal²
  • Safe for swimming and showering³
  • Periodically syncs to Garmin Connect™, where you can save, plan and share your activities, get involved in social challenges and more
  • Move IQ® feature automatically detects activity and classifies activity type on Garmin Connect

Design and display

The Vivofit 4 is noticeably thinner than previous Garmin products, meaning it takes up less room on your wrist and is a touch lighter too. For that reason it’s a comfortable wear. We found the plastic strap material – the only option you have with the Vivofit 4 – was easy to clean off after a sweaty run.

Garmin has provided a particularly secure strap on the Vivofit 4 that means it shouldn’t go flying about your wrist either. There’s both a large and a small/medium size, and while we tried the smaller option (which is perhaps a bit too small for our reviewer’s wrist) it was still a comfortable fit.

The silicone material may not look that premium and won’t be your choice of look to match with some particularly nice formal wear, but it does feel comfortable when you’re working out and when worn for long periods of time.

These don’t cost any more either, so if you don’t like the plain black or white versions we’d recommend looking out for those snazzier options. Garmin also doesn’t provide other materials, so it’s worth noting you won’t be able to buy an official leather strap for more formal occasions like you can with some smartwatches.Buy the Garmin vívofit® 4 Best price online from CELLULAR KENYA,Nairobi

There isn’t much on the tracker itself – and that’s one of the Vivofit 4’s strengths. You can pull the Vivofit 4 out of its strap from behind so you can switch straps, but apart from the color display and button on the front there isn’t any other way to interact with it.

That makes this a largely easy device to use. The button below the screen will cycle through all the options you have on there including things like your step count for the day, the time, the weather, calories burned and distance traveled, but for anything more than that you’ll need to head into the app on your phone.

Don’t expect any sort of control of your phone direct from your wrist either. There’s no touchscreen here and instead you will hold down a button to start up an exercise routine.

It’s an 11mm x 11mm display, so this is even smaller than the display you get on the Fitbit Charge 2. It’s designed to show you the time and whether you’re working out, but it’s not like a proper running watch where you can see detailed live stats.