Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | Glacier White


Key Features;

  • New spherical design
  • Available in Twilight Blue color variant
  • Alexa for kids mode
  • Light ring conveys different types of alerts
  • 50% post-consumer recycled plastics
  • Climate Pledge Friendly certified

A New Look

Like the  fourth-generation Echo Dot, the Dot With Clock is a 3.9-inch sphere. It comes in blue or white, while the regular model also has a dark gray color.

Like the base model, the Dot With Clock has volume up/down, action, and mic mute buttons on top, and it glows a soft blue along the bottom when it’s listening. The additional feature here is the white LED clock, which can also display alarms, the outdoor temperature, and timers. If you slap the top of the Dot, it will snooze your alarm. You can tell Alexa to dim the clock or turn it off if you like to sleep in total darkness. Buy Echo Dot (4th Gen) Smart speaker with clock and Alexa | Glacier White Best Price Online from CELLULAR KENYA,Nairobi

two colorsThe Echo Dot With Clock comes in two colors

As with the base model Dot, this appears to be mostly a cosmetic change from last year’s model. The Dot With Clock’s capabilities are the same, and it still has the same 1.6-inch speaker—fine for bedside use, but not something you’d want as a primary music speaker in your living room. You can attach a better speaker via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm output jack, of course.

Voice control your home

Manage compatible smart home devices using your voice. Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie, or turn up the thermostat as you head out.

Stay connected and in sync

Instantly drop in on other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room that has a compatible Echo device. Let everyone know dinner is ready, or remind the kids that it’s bedtime. You can also stay in touch with friends and family with hands-free calling.