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Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


Key Features;

  • Rear Underslung Handle in Compact Design
  • Highly Upgraded Motors and Algorithm
  • Support for Optional Transmission Module
  • Updated ZY Play App Features
  • Six Modes of Operation
  • Up to 14-Hour Battery Operating Time
  • Electronic Focus Control Where Supported
  • Optional Focus/Zoom Motors Supported
  • Arca Swiss/Manfrotto Quick Release Plate


What I Love About the Weebill-S

Pro #1: Functionality

As a handheld camera gimbal, the Weebill-S performs as expected and delivers quality, stabilized footage. In our time using the gimbal, we found that the motor supports a decent payload (Zhiyun hasn’t released the specific payload limitation) and the battery operating time delivers on its promised 14-hours. We tested the gimbal using a Canon EOS R and the gimbal showed no signs of struggle in handling this combination.

Pro #2: The Handle

Weebill S Zyun Tech Handheld Gimbal Review Handle positions 01

This might also fall under functionality, but the handle deserves its own pro. You can quickly switch from a handheld position to an underslung carrying position and then back again, hassle free.

Pro #3: Selfie-Mode

Weebill S Zyun Tech Handheld Gimbal Review selfie mode

With three clicks of the button on the handle, the Weebill-S will spin the camera around into “Selfie Mode.” When paired with a flip-out LCD screen on your camera, this feature makes it convenient to switch modes and get a stable shot of yourself doing whatever it is you do while making selfie videos.

Pro #4: Locking Arms

Weebill S Zyun Tech Handheld Gimbal Review locking arms

The gimbal features locking arms, which works well for the initial balancing when placing your camera on the gimbal, as well as when using it with a tripod or for travel, and so on.

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