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JBL Horizon 2 Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker


Key Features
  • Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming
  • Dual 1.5″ Full-Range Drivers
  • Dual Alarms
  • LCD with Ambient Light Sensor
  • Two USB Charging Ports
  • Built-In FM Tuner
  • Battery Backup
  • Ambient Light for Nightlight Use


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Set two wake-up alarms and charge two mobile devices with the black JBL Horizon 2 Clock Radio. It features an LCD clock, FM tuner with three presets, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming. The two 1.5″ full-range drivers output up to 4W each to help provide clear audio. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD to match the room’s lighting, and a built-in ambient light functions as a nightlight. Buy JBL Horizon 2 Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker Best Price Online from CELLULAR KENYA,Nairobi


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